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Homemade Crepes

Note: This was originally posted in January 2011. It has been re-published with new photos and a video! 🙂 I considered adding new text but I kind of liked this walk down memory lane 🙂 Enjoy!


When I was in high school, students taking French had the opportunity to spend about a week and a half in France, spending a few days in Paris and then around a week in Niort, a beautiful town in the West of France with our correspondants, or exchange students. This was one of the coolest experiences of my life; not only was it my first trip to Europe, but I was able to travel with my best friends from school and also meet new ones in France. I still maintain a friendship with my correspondant, Sophie, and in August of 2010 she and her boyfriend actually came to New York and stayed with me in Hoboken for a week- the first time we had seen each other in 6 years!

Anyways, in order to actually get to France, our class had to do some fundraising. I’m sure there were a lot of different ways we tried to do this; to be honest I don’t remember most of them. However, I do know that my best friend Morgan and I signed up to help with the absolute hardest one: making crepes for a French-inspired breakfast bake sale.

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Smoothie Sundays: Banana Nutella Smoothie

Banana Nutella Smoothie

So it’s official, I am obsessed with my new blender. One week in and I’ve made a smoothie pretty much every day, and am constantly adding to my newly-renamed “Now That I Have a Blender!” pinboard. I love experimenting with all the different possibilities, thinking about new flavors and add-ins, and overall sipping on delicious, cold and wholesome drinks!

These past few months we’ve seen a lot of chocolate and banana themed recipes on Total Noms- Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, and Banana Ice Cream, and of course most recently, Turtle Pancakes. I can’t help it. I’m on a kick. And this smoothie is just tooooooo good.

This is also my first time ever using/trying Greek yogurt. I know, what kind of foodie am I to not have tried this latest trendy ingredient? I’m not much of a yogurt person to begin with, but I used non-fat plain Greek yogurt here and it really did add a nice creaminess, plus a good boost of protein for a perfect morning treat.

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Banana Nutella Smoothie
Prep time

Cook time

Total time


Serves: 1

  • 1 banana
  • ¼ cup plain greek yogurt
  • ¼ cup cooked oatmeal
  • 2 tbsp nutella
  • 2 tbsp sliced almonds
  • 1 tsp honey (optional)
  • 1 cup ice (can omit if using frozen bananas)

  1. Place all ingredients in the blender, and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Adapted from Chiquita Banana’s recipe page.

I am really starting to love these smoothies because YOU control what goes in them. These ingredients are all loaded with nutritional value (OK, maybe not the nutella… haha) but you can’t really beat a SUPER quick and easy recipe with delicious ingredients like this!

Banana Nutella Smoothie

Doesn’t this almost look like chocolate milk?! YUM!

I am currently in Austin right now for the Austin City Limits festival, but will be back this week. I am happy as a clam here though- besides the music, there is so much great food here at the festival! Austin is such a foodie heaven! Anyone who’s been, got any good recommendations?

Happy Eating 🙂

Oatmeal with Nutella and Dried Cranberries

oatmeal with nutella and dried cranberries

Just when I thought that McDonald’s might actually be taking a step in the right direction with their new Fruit and Maple Oatmeal, I read a pretty harrowing account of what was actually going on at the Golden Arches. OK, “harrowing” might be a little extreme… but you gotta know, I really, really love oatmeal.

Turns out, according to my main man Mark Bittman, that Mickey D’s automatically adds cream to the oatmeal, along with copious amounts of sugar and “11 weird ingredients you would never keep in your kitchen.” Really? Oats don’t need all that- they just need a little love, baby! Continue reading