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Girls’ Village Ultimate S’mores

Girls' Village S'mores

Did you ever go to camp? I was lucky enough to go to a lot of great camps when I was younger- everything ranging from arts ‘n crafts day camps to sleepaway camps in the Poconos to field hockey camp… but by far my favoritest of all the camp experiences was Pinecrest.

For one week every August when I was in high school, I was surrounded by amazing people in an amazing environment learning about myself, my spirituality, Pauly Shore, rule # 8 (no public displays of sloppy affection- wait, did I mention this is a co-ed camp for people 15 and older?), mint (or M.I.N.T), why you should never (always?) go for the guys from Boys 8, and so on.

Us Pinecresters have a term for the first few days home from camp – “The Blues”. It’s inevitable to feel sad after you’ve left such an awesome experience. Even though I stopped going to camp nearly a decade ago, I still feel a twinge during that last week of August where I wish I was there.

Girls' Village S'mores

The great thing about Pinecrest is that once you are a camper, you’re always in the family. That’s why I have this recipe for you today- nothing particularly rocket-science-y about it, but it’s one of those things that has a very special meaning for me and for anyone who have sat around a campfire with friends at some point in their lives.

The Girls’ Village, or where all the girls’ cabins are at camp, has a tradition of roasting s’mores at night after the bonfire that takes place late in the week. Through Facebook, we all decided to make s’mores on our own last night, all at the same time as a way to celebrate with each other without being physically with each other. Cheesy? Maybe, if you’re not into the whole being awesome thing. Delicious? Definitely.

The below recipe is the CORRECT recipe for Nicolette’s (a fellow camper) Ultimate S’mores. I am a dum-dum and forgot the Oreos. You have to admit my animated GIF is basically the bomb though. Thank you Google search and Photoshop for figuring out how to make it!

Another note- the following measurements in the ingredients are completely variable, based on the size of your graham crackers, the size of your marshmallows, and the size of your appetites. I think most people know how to make a s’more… but if you don’t, here are some good guidelines 🙂

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Girl’s Village Ultimate S’mores
Prep time

Cook time

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Serves: 1

  • 2 graham crackers
  • Nutella
  • ½ of a normal chocolate bar
  • 1 oreo
  • 2 marshmallows

  1. Smear nutella on opposite graham crackers. Split the oreo and lay a piece on each nutella covered graham cracker.
  2. Place ⅔ of the chocolate bar on one oreo side and the other third of chocolate bar on the other side.
  3. Roast your marshmallow: This took a bit of indoors engineering. I have a gas stove, however if you don’t you could probably achieve the same results over a candle or a lighter. Take a wooden skewer and soak it in water, so that it doesn’t burn. Place your marshmallow on the end, and one at a time, roast it over the open flame. I like mine black, but you can go for the slow roast if you’re a true connoisseur. Once your marshmallows are done to perfection, carefully place them onto one side of your graham cracker assembly line.
  4. Lift the other graham cracker (the one without the marshmallows) and place it over top the marshmallows. Squish. Eat!!

Sometimes, the greatest things are the simplest, don’t you think?

Here’s some other Pinecrest ladies sharing their s’mores-ventures from last night:

Thank you ladies SO MUCH for sending me your photos! P-I-N-E-C-R-E-S-T, peace!

Happy Eating 🙂