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Review: Murray’s Cheese Bar + Food Bloggers in NYC Meetup!

Murray's Cheese Bar + Food Bloggers in NYC Meetup

I have a lot on my plate.

This is not commentary on my actual plate, although at any given time there is a lot on it. Girl’s gotta eat.

No, this is more a comment about my life. I’ve always been a do-er, someone who can’t sit still for too long without trying something new or starting and running some project or another. Between my full-time day job as a project manager, my part-time passion blogging here, and co-running an online bakery, I barely have time to catch up with friends, go to the gym (ha) or just unwind every so often.

And while I do very much value my free time, I am pretty much always dreaming about what I can do next. I wouldn’t trade my lifestyle for anything, and I’ve always maintained having a busy life leads to higher productivity than hanging around all day waiting for opportunities to come to you (That said, I do love me a lazy Sunday every so often…).

Murray's Cheese Bar + Food Bloggers in NYC Meetup

Anyways, like I said, I got a lot going on. But lately, I’ve been wanting to meet and network with other food bloggers and learn from them, share our experiences, etc. I am always trying to grow Total Noms, and make it as useful and fun to read as possible for you all- and with so much great inspiration everywhere, I want to learn and improve as much as I possibly can!

I had an absolutely lovely casual catch-up with Kayle from The Cooking Actress and Susan from Girl in the Little Red Kitchen a few weeks back, where we chatted a bit about our blogs (but mostly concentrated on devouring waffles from the Wafels & Dinges truck!), but it got me thinking- there’s gotta be more NYC-based food bloggers who have the same interests!

So, last week, I started a group on Meetup.com. I’ve been to a few meetups before, mostly for technology or UX design folks, but this is my very first time starting and organizing one on my own. We are the Food Bloggers in NYC group, and we’re over 80 bloggers strong already!

Murray's Cheese Bar + Food Bloggers in NYC Meetup

Our very first meetup took place this Tuesday at Murray’s Cheese Bar on Bleecker St. in NYC. I had never been to the Cheese Bar before, although I have stopped in the shop that is also on Bleecker a few times. And oh my goodness…. was it awesome.

Murray's Cheese Bar + Food Bloggers in NYC Meetup

Do you like cheese? Do you live anywhere within 50 miles of New York? Then get your butt down here. Seriously, check out this menu!

I ordered the mac ‘n cheese (picture up top), which was an absolutely decadent and perfectly portioned piping hot plate of PERFECTION. Made with a combination of cheddar, gruyere, and bufala mozzarella, and garnished with tasso ham and crispy onions, this was unbeatable.

Murray's Cheese Bar + Food Bloggers in NYC Meetup

Many people went with some combination of the cheese plate, which was pretty awesome. You can select specific cheeses you’d like to try, or allow the cheese mongers to prepare you a selection based on your general preferences!

Murray's Cheese Bar + Food Bloggers in NYC Meetup

Many thanks to the folks at Murray’s Cheese for hosting us- it was an absolutely amazing venue and such a fun time. What a great way to kick off our new group!

If you live in NYC and are interested in joining the meetup, check us out! I’ll be scheduling our next event soon- and I’m definitely open to suggestions. Events will run the gamut from tastings, to market outings, to cooking, photography and blogging workshops. I’m so excited about the group and can’t wait to meet more bloggers and food enthusiasts!

Happy Eating 🙂