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Total Noms turns 100, some changes, and a GIVEAWAY!

Yes, you heard right, 100 years ago, I started this here blog to document my love of fo- OK, fine, more like a year and a half ago. But it’s been 100 posts and if you’ve been with me through them all, I salute you! And thank you very, very much from the bottom of my tummy.

I’ve been thinking what I could do that would be fun to celebrate my 100 post-aversary here on my little corner of the Internet. A parade admittedly seemed a bit grandiose, but just a mere acknowledgement of this momentous milestone didn’t seem like enough. So I’m doing what any self-respecting blogger would do- avoid real work and make a LIST!

Hold onto your lobster bibs, people, because it’s time for… Continue reading

Seared Tilapia with Mango-Watermelon Salsa

Seared Tilapia with Mango Watermelon Salsa

I often get asked how I am inspired for some of the recipes I share on this blog. Sometimes inspiration comes from spotting a fun ingredient at the farmer’s market- sometimes it comes from a recipe passed along from my family or friends. While I love experimenting and coming up with recipes on my own, I also really enjoy seeing what others are making up and putting my own spin on it.

I recently had a hankering for tilapia, and remembered a post I had seen on my food blog pal Joanne’s blog, Fifteen Spatulas. You may remember I made Joanne’s Parmesan Peppercorn Bread a few months ago- since that was such a success, I decided to try one of her recipes again! Continue reading

Parmesan Peppercorn Bread

Parmesan Peppercorn Bread

One of my favorite things about having started this blog is that I’ve managed to “meet” some pretty cool peeps that also have food blogs. My Google Reader is filled daily with the latest posts from a ton of inspiring and fun food bloggers, and even though I haven’t been doing this that long, I am really pleased to say that I’ve made connections with at least a few of them. It’s always exciting for me when someone I haven’t met in real life comments on my blog- and even more exciting when someone says they want to try one of my recipes!

The recipe I tried this weekend actually came from one of these blogger friends- Joanne from Fifteen Spatulas. If you haven’t checked her blog out yet, you really should. Joanne takes great photos and also comes up with some insanely creative ideas that she lays out in a way that makes them accessible for someone who doesn’t know a mandolin from a potato masher. When I saw this recipe for Parmesan Peppercorn Bread, I couldn’t resist. Believe it or not, you do NOT need a stand mixer or any other kind of machinery to make this bread- and even though I do have a stand mixer, I decided to go it analog and make this bread entirely by hand. (Keep in mind though, this does take about 5 hours to make with all the proofing and rising. More of a weekend kinda recipe!) Continue reading