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Foodie Travels: 24 Hours in Cambridge, MA

This past weekend a friend from college and I hopped in the car to Cambridge, Massachusetts to visit another one of our school friends, who is just finishing up her Master’s in Journalism. While I was expecting a good time with my girlfriends on our quick little trip to the Northeast, I did not foresee the insane amount of deliciousness we were about to experience. Continue reading

Foodie App Review: How to Cook Everything

If you’re a smartphone user, you know there are a LOT of foodie apps out there. I have a whole folder on my iPhone dedicated to food apps- everything from recipe finders, meal planners, barcode scanners and takeout order sites. It can be a little overwhelming to figure out which ones are useful, inspiring, mouth-watering as well as which ones are not-so-great or just plain silly.

Today on the examining table is an app inspired by one of my favorite cookbooks of all time: How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. Continue reading

Peanut Butter Blossoms

Peanut Butter Blossoms

Isn’t it weird how certain aromas and smells instantly transport you to a specific time and place?

Growing up, my grandmother always made these classic, chewy, rich peanut butter cookies topped with a perfect chocolate garnish, each year for Christmas time. When I made these in my own kitchen, it was like being teleported right back to my parents’ kitchen, waiting for Santa Claus to come. Continue reading

PJ’s Easy French Bread Pizza

PJ's Easy French Bread Pizza

Sometimes, the most simple ideas are the most delicious ones. My boyfriend, even though we live together and all I think about is food alldayeveryday, doesn’t always feel like making (or eating) some elaborate meal that takes hours to make, or even one that takes more than a few easy steps. Born out of necessity one evening after a busy day, my man stepped up big time and made us an easy but surprisingly rich and delicious “pizza” out of a few easy ingredients available at any store.

Needless to say, I’m happy whenever I don’t have to do any work in the kitchen but still manage to get a hot meal. Girl’s gotta eat! Continue reading

total finds: Episode 1

From William Dohman's shop on Etsy

I’ve become quite a big fan of lately, particularly their Kitchen section. Perusing that site makes me rue the fact that I am not crafty at all- the majority of my creativity goes into coming up with ways that dinosaurs might make their appearance back on this planet and wondering why in the world Chewbacca never wore pants.

But a girl can dream, right? Or at least whip out her credit card and find some handmade and hand-designed kitchenwares for a steal on one of the coolest sites on the web.

I have decided to create a new category of fun things that I stumble upon and want to share on this blog- and I’m calling it total finds. Because I can!

So behold- a few of my favorite things from the Kitchen section of Etsy- aren’t they awesome? At the very least, I feel inspired to get creative… in the kitchen. Continue reading