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I am a project manager for a TV network by day, and an aspiring home chef, novice arts ‘n crafter, and not-so-secret Star Wars fan by night. Thanks so much for stopping by and happy eating!

Breakfast- the best place to start

This is my inaugural post on total noms. I have set a New Year’s resolution to share at least 100 recipes by the end of this year. I even ordered a camera for the occasion. For now I am taking pics on my little Olympus FE-210, but with enough natural light it gets the job done.


I figured I should start by showing some of the books that inspire me and how I came to love cooking and baking. With the exception of Mark Bittman’s food bible How to Cook Everything, I LOVE cookbooks that have pictures. Something about seeing how the food *should* in theory look makes it that much easier for me to say “you know what, I’m gonna make that. NOW.”

Honestly, these four books are pretty much staples. The Bacon Cookbook? Come on. Yes. The Great American Cookie Cookbook? Need I say more? Best of the Best by Food & Wine AND How to Cook EVERYthing?! I swear these books should all win an award for best titles ever. Or something.

And then, there’s the internet. That wonderful place where I can search for things like “Hooter’s Chicken Wings recipe” or “how can I make cookies out of Nutella” or “is cooking with butter really that bad for you because its just so tasty” and I meet success. Every. Time.

As stated, my goal is to at least get through 100 recipes this year and share my favorite recipes with you. I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m excited to try. I often put my own spin on recipes I find around the Internet and in cookbooks and I look forward to seeing what twists you have to add to these recipes also.

In the meantime, I figured I’d share my breakfast. I am a total noob at food photography and I make copious use of the Macro function in absence of any real skill, but here’s an old favorite: English Muffins with Raspberry Jam and Butter.

breakfast 2

Happy Eating 🙂