Thanksgiving Leftovers

30+ Things To Make With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

30+ Thanksgiving Leftovers Ideas

Hope your Thanksgiving was great! We spent the first half with my family watching football and eating herb-roasted turkey breast, stuffing, cauliflower mash, roasted sweet potatoes, crispy green beans and bourbon pumpkin pie, then headed over to my in-laws for Round 2 with a deep-fried turkey, cider-brined pork roast, and even more stuffing, potatoes, sides and desserts.

To say I am full going into today is an understatement.

Chances are, if you hosted the big day yesterday, your fridge is probably loaded with some serious leftovers. But if turkey sandwiches for days aren’t your thing, you might find yourself wondering, what the heck do I do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers?

From using up potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and of course the turkey, I got you covered. Behold:

30+ Things to Make with Your Thanksgiving Leftovers



Cranberry Sauce

…and the main event: Turkey

I’ll be back tomorrow with the November 2013 Monthly Roundup, but for now, enjoy your Friday and put those leftovers to great use!

Am I missing a crucial use of leftovers above? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Happy Eating 🙂

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