Foodie Travels: 24 Hours in Cambridge, MA

This past weekend a friend from college and I hopped in the car to Cambridge, Massachusetts to visit another one of our school friends, who is just finishing up her Master’s in Journalism. While I was expecting a good time with my girlfriends on our quick little trip to the Northeast, I did not foresee the insane amount of deliciousness we were about to experience.


First up: All Star Sandwich Bar. This place seriously lives up to it’s name! I had the “Cheese” special sandwich, which was a combination of slow-roasted pork mojo, avocado, tomato, mozz, tomato and arugula, and it was the bomb. Dot com.


Anya got a jaw-droppingly delicious-looking “Latin Lover” salad:


…while Jill ordered the Turkey special sandwich of the day:


And oh yeah, being true Montreal grads we all went HAM on this poutine!


Check out their sweet desserts and freebies 😛 :


Later that evening, after rolling ourselves out of the apartment from that insanely filling lunch, we ventured out to The Ginger Exchange for some very good sushi. A great point of interest here is that they have an entire Vegetarian and Gluten-Free menu, if you have those dietary restrictions. The sushi was excellent, as were the summer rolls, vegetable dumplings and miso soup [latter items not pictured- didn’t bring my real camera out 🙁 ]

A definite draw for this place is the $9 Pabst Blue Ribbon towers- that’s right, your own tap of PBR for $9! Jill and I split a tower and couldn’t even finish it- how’s that for a local cheap pre-game?

Ginger Exchange Sushi

After a nice evening out and a solid night of food coma sleep, the next morning Jill and I went to her favorite brunch spot in the Boston area- City Girl Cafe. OMG- this place was awesome, and so cute!



I got the Monte Cristo Sandwich:


…While Jill ordered the Verde eggs, with pesto:


All in all, I left Massachusetts feeling VERY happy, tummywise. I would highly recommend venturing out to Boston’s sister city across the river if you are looking for a delicious foodie scene!

Check out the rest of my photos from Cambridge here!

Happy Eating 🙂

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