total finds: Episode 1

From William Dohman's shop on Etsy

I’ve become quite a big fan of lately, particularly their Kitchen section. Perusing that site makes me rue the fact that I am not crafty at all- the majority of my creativity goes into coming up with ways that dinosaurs might make their appearance back on this planet and wondering why in the world Chewbacca never wore pants.

But a girl can dream, right? Or at least whip out her credit card and find some handmade and hand-designed kitchenwares for a steal on one of the coolest sites on the web.

I have decided to create a new category of fun things that I stumble upon and want to share on this blog- and I’m calling it total finds. Because I can!

So behold- a few of my favorite things from the Kitchen section of Etsy- aren’t they awesome? At the very least, I feel inspired to get creative… in the kitchen.

I find the above “eat” sign so charming… direct, to the point, and kind of vintage-y. This would be great propped up on a backsplash or even hung up on our back patio… hmmm..

If you know me you know that I’d prefer to knock back a beer over sipping a glass of wine any day. How awesome are these towels? IPA for me, please!

From NestaHome's shop on Etsy

Well, to be honest, there really doesn’t need to be an explanation for why I think these are awesome. Even the mustachio’d fellow has me feeling a little smokey.

From lmkquilt's shop on Etsy

And for all you photography nuts… how cute are these pot holders with a Diana camera screen print on them?

From happyfamily's shop on Etsy

Finally, I thought these vintage spoons were super charming- and it turns out you can request whatever words you want imprinted on them! Sugar & Spice? Milk & Honey? Hall & Oates? Go nuts.

From WoodenHive's shop on Etsy

What are your favorite shops on Etsy? I am always looking for new knickknacks to make our little apartment a real home. Until then…

Happy Eating 🙂

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